Grand Master Tim Boykin 

Sensei Tim Boykin began his lsshinryu studies with Mitch Kobylanski in August of 1977 in Monroe, N.C., when he was 19. He received his SHO Dan in 1980 and was Sensei Kobylanski's first Black Bell and ranking student. In May of 1978, he enlisted in the US Navy as a Seaman Recruit, which afforded him the opportunity to train in various martial arts as well as to teach lsshinryu Karate while stationed in Japan, Spain, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Louisiana.  He retired from the Navy as a Commander in July of 2007.

He was promoted to HACHI Dan in July of 2009 via the American Okinawan Karate Association (AOKA) and also holds a SHICHI Dan in lsshin Do Tai Goshin Jutsu; a YON Dan in Jujitsu from the United States Judo Association (USJA); and a SHO Dan in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). His MCMAP Black Belt was earned while providing training to Marines and Sailors at Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) in New Orleans, La., prior to their deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.  His rank was sanctioned by the USMC Martial Arts Center of Excellence (MACE) in Quantico, VA.

Sensei Boykin has received an Outstanding Volunteer Support Medal for his support of Hawaii Special Olympics (1996), as well as the Spirit of lsshinryu (1996), Dojo of the Year (2004), and Outstanding Male Instructor (2006) from the AOKA. He also received the Male Instructor of the Year (2009) from the lsshinryu Hall of Fame.  He has been a member of the AOKA since 1977, was formerly on the Advisory board and continues to support the organization as a member of the Promotion Board. Sensei Boykin is also a Life Member with the USJA, a certified Ieveii coach, and a charter member of the American Traditional Jujitsu Association.  He actively supports national and regional events, conducts seminars and supports tournaments with the USJA, United Southern lsshinryu and the AOKA He currently maintains an active dojo in Charleston, S.C., and is employed as Operations Research AnalysVProgram Manager with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) in Charleston, S.C.

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