Woman’s Self-Defense Seminar, 18 MAY 2019
Sensei Tim Boykin

A woman’s self-defense seminar was conducted at Joint Base Charleston,
SC (Charleston Air Force Base) on Saturday 18 May by the United Southern
Isshinryu Karate (USIK) dojo, Charleston SC. The seminar covered a variety of
topics and fielded questions from the group, including UBER/LYFT
transportation, remote parking safety and overseas travel safety, and individual

The event kicked off at 1000 with a basic warm up and situational
awareness demonstration conduced by Sensei Boykin, involving reaction time
while transiting to your car and the importance of remote control/automobile
key fobs. Following the demonstration, four individual self-defense stations ran
the participants through at 20 minute intervals. The stations were comprised of
training teams, comprised of junior and senior karateka, who taught and
demonstrated a variety of techniques, while stressing situational awareness.
This proved to be extremely effective in providing individual instruction to the
groups while reinforcing training for the development of our junior karateka.
Sensei Carin Bloom handled groundwork, escapes and falls with her partner Kirt
Phiil, a beginner student. Mr. Warren Crusenberry handled wrist escapes and
standing self-defense with his assistant, Robin Corkill. Mr. Mo Daoud, Ms
Shameka Archield and Mr. Kevin Mikles ran the air shield/striking section, which
emphasized correct form/balance and striking techniques. The last station was
coordinated by Sensei Justin Andre and his assistant, Marshall McClain who
demonstrated striking techniques with the kubaton (self-defense key chain) to a
Body Opponent Bag (BOB).

Following the event, there was a question and answer segment, followed
by a group photo as well as several “action shots” which were provided to the
Air Force Base Gym Manager for digital display and advertisement at the
facility. The Charleston USIK dojo plans to hold these events on a semi-annual
basis, in order to cultivate situational awareness and safety for Active Duty
(AD), Retirees, Dependents and Naval Warfare Information Center (NIWC)
federal employees.




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