The Isshinryu Patch

Mizugami Patch

The orange border stands for the vertical fist, which is the primary trait of Isshin Ryu. Karate is golden and should not be misused.

The figure is half woman and half dragon. Her left hand is open, the universal symbol of peace or soft. Her right hand is closed in a fist, symbol of hard and is ready to be used in times of need.

The dragon in the sky stands for heaven. The dragon, to many followers of Isshin-Ryu, is Master Shimabuku - the spirit of Isshinryu.

The tiger in the headdress of the figure stands for earth.

The dark background with the three stars indicates it is night. Night symbolizes darkness, which is the unknown.

The three stars are in one line (-), the Chinese and Japanese character for one. The one stands for one in Isshin-Ryu, for Isshin-Ryu means ‘One heart way.’ The three stars can also mean: mind, body and spirit or any three things. Master Shimabuku said that Isshin-Ryu was composed of three elements: Shorin-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, and Kobudo. The three stars stands for all of Shimabuku's teachers who lighten the night bringing knowledge

The upper body of the figure depicts that karate can be gentle as a woman - symbolic of soft. The lower body is of a dragon shows that karate can be fierce as a dragon - symbolic of hard.

The calm face of the goddess in a storm or in times of crises one must be calm, especially in times of danger.

The turbulent water and storm or typhoon symbolizes danger, which is always present.

The kanji (Japanese characters) means: Isshin-Ryu karate. 

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