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The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself.

-Sixth Code of Isshinryu

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2018 Warrior Seminar Series March Seminar PDF Print E-mail


Date/ Time:
03 March 2018 / 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

South East Carolina Isshinryu
150 Holden Beach Rd, Shallotte, North Carolina 28470


Sensei Jon Oshita
Sensei Justin Andre
Sensei Ray Reisen
Sensei Carin Bloom
GM Kobylanski and GM Boykin will also be in attendance.

Focus: Self-Defense (Below Brown Belt) and Weapons (BO STAFF) at the advanced training levels.


Free to members
$35 for non-members (will be used towards Membership)

Membership forms can be found under the forms page.

2018 Warrior Seminar Series February Seminar PDF Print E-mail


Date/ Time:
Saturday, February 17 at 9 AM - 1 PM

Marshville Family Martial Arts
531 E Main St, Marshville, North Carolina 28103


9- 9:50
Various Senseis sharing short hands-on ideas in a round table setting.

Groups will be broken down by rank
Instructors: Sensei Don Gyr, Sensei Justin Serpico, Sensei Ross Conklin, Sensei Heath Stewart

Brown and Black
Brown - Shodan Kusanku Sai
Nidan and up Chatan Yara no Sai

Free to members
$35 Admission + 2018 membership

Membership forms can be found under the forms page.

Warrior Series Seminar Black/Brown Workout 2017 PDF Print E-mail

We're hosting a Black/Brown belt seminar at Master Ciprich's dojo on Saturday December 9th starting at 10 AM and ending 12:30. Cost is $35/person and this will pay for your United Southern Isshinryu Karate membership for 2018.  Membership allows access to all of our regularly scheduled seminars in 2018 at no charge. *See attached flyer and registration form for more details. You will need to download it from the United Southern Isshinryu Karate Facebook page in order to fill in the document. Mailing address is provided on the registration form.  

We will cover all aspects of the Kyufest from kata scoring, kumite, scorekeeping, ring co-ordinating and also criteria used in forming divisions.

We will also spend time on dojo best practices and how to keep students. Additionally, we will cover the 2018 seminar schedule and discuss forming an Awards committee.

The last part of the seminar we will cover aspects Sanchin.

Provide GM Kobylanski with a list (and funds) of karateka who wish to register for 2018, NLT (no later than) 6 DECEMBER. This will allow him sufficient time to print/sign the individual annual certificates and distribute them during the 9 December workout.  Certificates will be mailed for those who do not attend in person.

Thanks very much, looking forward to seeing everyone and training together December 9th!


9th Annual Kyufest Tournament PDF Print E-mail

kyufest flyer 2017
















On Saturday the 23rd of September, Grand Master Mitch Kobylanski hosted the 9th annual United Southern Isshinryu Karate Kyu Fest tournament in Charlotte, NC. The event featured 130 competitors with 54 divisions spotlighting completion for Brown Below (KYU) ranks and below. Over 60+ black belts were in attendance providing training and mentoring to junior black belts. We were fortunate to have Grand Masters William Salinardi and Ronald Boucher as well as Master Peter Williams in attendance this year. Additionally, there were several promotions conducted prior to the tournament, including Tim Boykin (9th Dan), Mark Ciprich (6th Dan), Eddie Wilson (5th Dan) and Stephanie Esper (3rd Dan). Congratulations and well done to all!

Organization Membership 2017 PDF Print E-mail

Members will receive certified rank certificates from the United Southern Isshinryu Karate organization. There are also 4 Master lead work shops that are also included at no cost. Interested students see your Sensei regarding membership.  Dojos that are not affiliated with our organization may become members by contacting Grand Master Mitch Kobylanski.

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