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The body should be able to change directions at any time.

-Fifth Code of Isshinryu

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February 22nd, 2014 - Kumite Seminar PDF Print E-mail

On Saturday, February 22nd the USIK is holding our first seminar of the year.  We will concentrate on Kumite.


Date: Saturday, February 22, 2014

Time: 10 AM - 1 PM

Location: Apex Martial Arts, 8715 Sidney Cir., Charlotte, NC 28269

Cost: $25 (includes pizza lunch)


As the focus will be on Kumite, all participants are required to bring head gear, hand and foot pads, mouth piece, and cups.

Download this flyer for more details.
Young Women's Self Defense Course PDF Print E-mail

On Wed. 26 March 2014 at 7pm the Carolina Isshinryu Academy taught a young women's Self Defense Course at the Weddington/Waxhaw Church of Latter Day Saints. The event was a coordinated effort between Sensei Justin Serpico and the President of the Church's young women's youth group. Sensei Serpico was assisted by Mr. Jin Fang, Leslie Snow and Gabrielle Serpico. The course was delivered as an introduction to self defense and included concepts about awareness, avoiding distractions, escalation of force and some basic physical escapes/evasions. Over 35 women ranging in ages from 12 years through adult were in attendance.


USIK PDF Print E-mail
Welcome to the United Southern Isshinryu site. This site is dedicated to all Isshinryu martial artists living in the South. Some of us are affiliated with an established Isshinryu organization and some choose not to be affiliated. The important thing is we all practice Isshinryu karate and we respect others that are traveling down the same chosen path.

You will find information on dojos, tournaments, and seminars on this site. Galleries from recent events and promotion information are available as well.
Kyu Fest Hosted at Charlotte Catholic High School PDF Print E-mail
The fifth annual Kyu Fest was hosted at Charlotte Catholic High School on Saturday the 28th of September by United Southern Isshinryu Karate (USIK) of Charlotte NC. Following a Black Belt Meeting and photos sessions, and introduction of VIPs, the Sun Valley High School Junior Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (JNROTC) Honor Guard presented the colors in an impressive ceremony which officially kicked off the tournament, which began promptly at 1100 (11 AM). Overall, 160 competitors competed in 63 divisions, including Kumite (free fighting), Empty Hand Kata (forms) and Weapons Kata (forms). Additionally, over  250 spectators (mostly direct family members) were in attendance.  The event ended promptly at 1400 (2 PM), followed by lunch.

Since 2009, this event has grown steadily and served as a means not only to support a unique venue for a kyu ranks (under black belt) tournament, but also an educational atmosphere in which to train and develop newly promoted black belts, as well as instructor and mid-level black belts in the nuances of logistics, judging, and operating a safe and efficient tournament. 

Kyu Fest was also supported by a variety of Isshinryu Masters and Grand Masters in the Carolinas, including Grand Master Phil Little, Grand Master Mitch Kobylanski (host), Masters Tim Boykin, Tim Grismer, Butch Mclaughlin, Tim Cunningham, Peter Keko, H.P. Henry and Joe Snyder.

Click here to view pictures from the event.
Charlie - San Dan Promotion PDF Print E-mail

Congratulations to Sensei Charlie Snearly on his San-Dan Promotion on 28-May-2013.

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