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The ear must listen in all directions.

-Eighth Code of Isshinryu

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On Saturday the 20th of April, the main Charleston Isshinryu Dojo hosted a kumite seminar, conducted by Grand Master Mitch Kobylanski, Ku Dan (9th degree black belt). The seminar was conducted at the Joint Base Charleston Gym in North Charleston, SC. Quarterly workouts and seminars are normally hosted at the main dojo in Charlotte, NC. This is the first seminar in the Charleston area, and the event had an outstanding turnout! About twenty students came to participate in the event. We started at 900 and continued until 1130.




Before the seminar began, Sensei Justin Andre was presented his San Dan (instructor certificate) by Master Tim Boykin. The first half of the seminar focused on hand techniques and entry skills. Sensei Kobylanski explained how to derive power and speed through economy of motion. The concepts presented were meant to have a wide application and appeal to all skill levels and body types. The second half of the seminar tied in kicking drills and combinations building off of the previously mentioned concepts.






After the seminar, several participants hosted lunch and socialized together at Steel City Pizza. There was much positive feedback from the participants about the event. Everyone had a great time and no one got hurt. The Charleston dojo deeply appreciates Sensei Kobylanski's visit and we all look forward to future workouts!



The next seminar will be conducted in North Carolina in support of Burlington, High Point, and Lexington Dojos in early May.


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