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The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself.

-Sixth Code of Isshinryu

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What kind of a year will 2011 be? PDF Print E-mail


We all can hope that the recession that we are in is on its last legs but hope is just that.  If we sit back and wonder what the year will bring, we might be disappointed.

I, for one, am of the mindset that this is going to be a great year.  How can I say that?  Easy, I am making plans for it to be a great year.  Our dojo has set a goal for how many new students we want by year end and we are not sitting back to see if it happens. 

We are putting together two demo teams and will be out promoting our dojo the old fashion way (by show and tell).  Our dojo will be doing at least one demo each month (more if possible).  We currently have two Isshinryu seminars planned one in February (Matthews dojo) and the other either in Lexington or Thomasville in June.  In April, we are hosting an all Isshinryu Black Belt Tournament at the Matthews dojo.

The second Monday of each month our dojo will host bring a friend to class free sessions.  This is another way of getting potential new students an opportunity to meet the instructors and try a class to see if Isshinryu is something that they would like to pursue.

What are your thoughts?  Will you be sitting back and waiting to see how the year will turn out or will you be pro-active.


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