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The manner of drinking and spitting is either hard or soft.

-Third Code of Isshinryu

Home Events 2016 Annual Brown/Black Belt Workout
2016 Annual Brown/Black Belt Workout PDF Print E-mail

kyufest 2014

Date/ Time:
Saturday, December 3 at 10:00am - 1:00pm

Marshville Family Martial Arts: 531 E Main St, Marshville, North Carolina 28103

United Southern Isshin Ryu's annual workout for Brown belts and up. Join us for a vigorous work focusing on kumite skills, tournament judging and kata applications. Sessions will be taught by Masters Mitch Kobylanski, Tim Boykin, Tim Grismer, Butch McLaughlin and Dean Scott.

Bring your weapons and sparring gear.

$25 cash at door.


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